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2010 » Svalbard around to Pyramiden 2010
(Picture gallery Svalbard around to Pyramiden)
2010 » Iceland Volcanism and Water 2010
(Picture gallery 1 - Southwest Iceland with Geyser and Volcano)
(Picture gallery 2 - Westfjords with hot springs)
(Picture gallery 3 - Mývatn with lava, craters and caves)
(Picture gallery 4 - Waterfalls in the Mývatn area)
2009 » Stadlandet and Kjerag 2009
(Picture gallery Stadlandet and Kjerag)
2008 » Svalbard - Spitsbergen 2008
(Picture gallery 1 - surroundings of Longyearbyen)
(Picture gallery 2 - distant places of Spitsbergen)
2007 » Canoe Nordmarken 2007
(Picture gallery Canoe Nordmarken)
2006 » Sunny Mountains in Jotunheimen 2006
(Picture gallery Jotunheimen)
2005 » Copenhagen Advent 2005
(Picture gallery Copenhagen Advent)
2005 » Skagen between the Seas 2005
(Picture gallery Skagen Sands)
2005 » Estonia Winter 2005
(Picture gallery Estonia Winter)
2004 » Stockholm Advent 2004
(Picture gallery Stockholm Advent)
2004 » Scotland Highlands 2004
(Picture gallery Scotland Highlands)
2003 » Swedish Wood and Visby 2003
(Picture gallery Swedish Wood and Visby)
2002 » Iceland in detail and Greenland 2002
(Picture gallery 1 - Reykjavík and the Southwest)
(Picture gallery 2 - The Highlands and Snæfellsnes)
(Picture gallery 3 - The eastern half of Iceland)
(Picture gallery 4 - Kulusuk at the east of Greenland)
2001 » South Finland and the Baltic States 2001
(Picture gallery South of Finland and the Baltic States)
2000 » Bicycle Circular Tour Bornholm 2000
(Picture gallery Bicycle Tour Bornholm)
1999 » Hardangervidda and Bergen 1999
(Picture gallery Hardanger and Bergen)
1998 » Faroe Islands and Gjógv 1998
(Picture gallery Faroe Islands and Gjógv)
1997 » Abisko in Swedish Lappland 1997
(Picture gallery Abisko)
1996 » Svartisen Glacier and Stockholm 1996
(Picture gallery Svartisen and Stockholm)
1995 » Large Scandinavia Round Trip 1995
(Picture gallery 1 - Norway)
(Picture gallery 2 - Sweden, Finland, Denmark)
1994 » Copenhagen and the island Zealand 1994
(Picture gallery Copenhagen)
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