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In the first days of October 2005 I went for some days to the northern end of Denmark. Only a few people walked through the beaches of North Sea and Baltic Sea (or better Skagerrak and Kattegat). The Baltic Sea had big waves, the North Sea was calm. Most of the time the sun was shining.

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Journey to the town Skagen: there are some direct trains from Hamburg to Denmark (Århus). North of Hamburg the train crosses the North-Baltic Sea-Channel by passing the bridge in Rendsburg. From Frederikshavn (Northern Denmark) the Skagensbanen goes to Skagen (2005: 35 min, 6,50 EUR). Near the station before the last station (Frederikshavnsvej) you will find the Skagen Youth Hostel.

The typical color of houses in Skagen is yellow. The roofs are orange and they have white frames.

Railway bridge in Rendsburg Houses in Skagen the strand (Baltic Sea)
Rendsburg Skagen Strand
Map of Skagen

The peninsula with the town Skagen on it devides the North Sea or better Skagerrak in the west from the Baltic Sea or better Kattegat in the east. At the ultimate place Grenen the strand dives into the sea. The spray shows you the mixture line of both Seas.

On the way from Skagen to Grenen through the beach of the Baltic Sea you pass some old bunker and one of the light houses in this region. The tongue Grenen is growing more and more into both Seas still today. Because of ebb and flow the tongue seems to be bigger or smaller at different times.

the grey light house (Baltic Sea) old bunker at the Baltic Sea in the backgound: the North Sea, in the front: the Baltic Sea the Top of Denmark
Light Bunker Grenen Lands End

South of Skagen some bigger dunes are situated. They covered for example the Church Laurentius (den tilsandede Kirke) in the 18th century. Therefore the church were torn down. Only the church tower is left.

Today there are trees on the dunes. But there are still some moving dunes. South of Damsted Klit the second biggest one of Denmark, Sandmilen, drifts also today into the Baltic Sea. I saw pure untouched nature around Sandmilen. A wonderful beach.

Moving dune Sandmilen near the Baltic Sea Damsted Klit: 30 metres high dunes untouched dunes Church tower in the sand no people
Sandmilen Damsted Nature Church Baltic Sea

Because the weeks in October are off-season about half of the restaurants were closed. In Skagen you find some supermarkets. At the harbour I ate a delicious fish dish with potatoes (11 EUR in 2005). In Skagen I had a relaxed holiday.

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