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For seven days and seven nights on the lakes of Sweden and Norway - in 2007 this was not only a dream, I made it reality.

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I booked this journey by the German travel agency scandtrack. First I went by bus from the western part of Germany to Lennartsfors in Sweden, not for away from the Norwegian border. It takes us about twenty hours.

In Lennartsfors we were four persons and we started to paddle with our canoes, tents, a lot of food and other equipment (all included in the prize) to the north and then into a south west direction. This day there was only rain. A test for us and our things in the canoes. Everybody passed the test.

The next day we paddled to the norwegian border. And we had to pass the second test: waves and wind only against us. But the wind was really to strong for our canoes (canadier) and after some hours of very hard work we had to stop. It was better than going backwards in the waves.

only rain the first day one of the campgrounds the lake connection to Norway Tree and rock Norwegian lake Stora Le Sunset in Norway
rainy day Campground narrow lake Rock island Stora Le Evening

Nordmarken is a part of the swedisch province Värmland. South of it you find Dalsland. Only a few peolpe are living in this region. And there is a lot of nature, water, many forests and many rocks.

You can chosse between a guided tour and an individual tour for which you get a map of all the lakes in Nordmarken. In this area are more than hundred campgrounds with a small hut, fire place and toilet.

after the rain Wilderness between bigger lakes against waves and the wind guided tour near the islands Food for one week a warm fire
rainy air Wilderness strong wind guided tour Food Fire

The water of the lakes was drinking water for us and also for the few inhabitants at the shore. It was very clear and had a temperature of 15 to 18°C. Warm enough for having a bath.

Canada geese in the morning Blueberries everywhere well packed canoe also cajaks on the lake Invasion of canoes Locks in Lennartsfors
Geese Blueberry Canoe Cajak Invasion Lock

After rainy, windy and sunny days the last evening was the reward for all the physical work before: a realy qualm lake, in the beginning with bright golden sunlight and later at midnight like a mirror of the colored sky.

This border region between Dalsland and Värmland (both Sweden) and Norway in the West is perfect for canoeing on the large and manifold lake area.

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the evening before the last one Canoe on the golden lake flat Foxen the best in the end the calm lake it is midnight
Evening golden flat lake last evening calm Midnight

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