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In February 2005 I was a member of a volunteer workcamp in the south-east of Estonia. In the first and last days I visited Tallinn again. Tallinn is one of my favorites cities in Europe.

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It was a great idea to visit Tallinn and the South of Estonia in winter time. There was a lot of snow especially far away from the seaside. The temperature is always below 0°C, but it does not feel to cold.

Tallinn is an old medieval city near the Baltic Sea. The city center of Tallinn is divided into two parts: the smaller upper town and the bigger old town "downstairs". The Town Hall with its narrow tower was built in the 15th century. The bigger churches were mostly built in the 13th century.

The town wall around both parts of the Old Town is very well preserved in most sections still today. Many defense towers with red roofs complete the skyline of Tallinn. You can also go inside some towers.

Town Hall by day Town Hall by night Church of the Holy Spirit (13th century) Town Wall with multiple towers Viru Gate in the east Alexander Nevski Cathedral
Center Town Hall Church Town Wall Viru Gate Nevski
Capital Tallinn

Around the old town there are many different types of buildings: as well old wooden houses as large Soviet buildings or very new ones. Behind the Train Station you will find an interesting market with local cheap food and other things.

Wooden house in Tallinn the Narva street Train Station in the afternoon Market behind the Train Station
Ice Narva Train Station Market

I recommend you to visit also these places: in the north-east of the old town you can walk at the roof of the former olympic building - a good viewpoint. Or you can go by bus to the ruins of Pirita Monastery. They are really large.

If you are interested in Estonian history so visit the Occupation Museum (5 min south of Alexander Nevski Cathedral).

Stairs of the olympic building near the harbour Pirita Monastery Baltic Sea Tallinn harbour and churches
Stairs Pirita Baltic Tallinn Skyline

Ten young people (including me) from Europe and Korea went by bus from Tallinn to South Estonia (4 h, 5 EUR in 2005). There we lived at Kiidi Farm and worked in the forest (preparing firewood for heating the farm, carrying brunches). And there was a lot of free time...

The county Võrumaa has 17.000 inhabitants and is a great place for skiing/sledding in the winter and hiking/cycling in the summer. You have to experience this untouched landscape with its large forests, deep valleys, small hills and all the lakes and rivers.

In the cold season it was also a fantastic event being inside the Estonian sauna and from time to time run outside for jumping into the - snow!

One day I will come back to Tallinn and the wilderness of Estonia.

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Kiidi Farm in the forest Working with trees Võru is the capital of county Võrumaa the frozen Võru Lake Ski jumping in Otepää Bye bye Kiidi, bye bye snow!
Kiidi Workcamp Võru town Võru Lake Otepää Snow

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