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In July 2006 we hiked about 161 km through the highest moutain region of Norway: Jotunheimen. In eleven days we walked about 7250 m uphill. The temperatures (in a high of 1000 m above sea level) were were warm with 20°C. The sun was shinig nearly all the time.

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It was the aim of the journey to be in the nature for hiking there some days long. The second aim was to reduce the things we are taking with us (like tent...). So we decided to sleep in Norwegian mountain cabins of the DNT. In difference to the price of a dinner (about. 33 Euro) staying there for one night in a sleeping room only costs 10 to 20 Euro for DNT-members (2006).

After going by airplane to Oslo and sleeping in the central situated Anker-Hostel we took the bus to Jotunheimen next morning at nine. After five hours we arrived at Gjendesheim and had enough time for a first mountain hike.

turquoise glacier lake Gjende along the Gjende near the timberline
turquoise Gjende Trail
Jotunheimen hiking trails

During the next days we walked with our full backpacks (nearly 20 kg) a lot of sunshine and some longer breaks to the next cabins in Memurubu, Gjendebu, Olavsbu and Leirvassbu. The cabins offer mostly more than 100 beds and a stuffed kitchen. The mountain huts guarantee a free bed or matress for every hiker.

In the first days we saw the long-sized turquoise lake Gjende, the steep mountains at both sides and the ridge Besseggen. Later the first glaciers and snow fields were not far away from our trail. And the sun was shining...

Trail on the ridge in the distance Memurubu cabin Mountains near Olavsbu clear drinking water everywhere Furt as a part of the trail
Ridge Memurubu Olavsbu Water Ford

From Spiterstulen we hiked and climbed on the seventh day to the highest mountain of Norway - to Galdhøpiggen with 2469 meter above sea level. That means walking 1366 meters uphill and afterwards also downhill. The marked trail leads you over stones and rocks and also old snow fields. On the way down you can also slide down the steeper snow fields. Some other hikers used the path over the glacier Styggebrean to the cabin Juvasshytta.

Trail through old snow Hikers on the Styggebrean deep slopes like Svellnose downhill by shoes View from Galdhøpiggen, 2469 m
Snow Styggebrean Svellnose Downhill Summit view

The next day we hiked from Spiterstulen through the high valley Skautflye and the rock lakes Veslgluptjønnen to Glitterheim. One day later the destination was the second highest summit of Norway, the Glittertind with 2464 meter.

In difference to Galdhøpiggen the summit region of Glittertinden is completely snow and glacier covered. In my opinion the Glittertind is the more beautiful mountain of these both. Before reaching the highest point we had to go back and down because of a thunder-storm with hail.

high valley Skautflye Rock lakes Veslgluptjønnen uphill to the Glittertind Reindeers on the glacier Grotbrean the second highest mountain, 2464 m
Skautflye Rock lakes Uphill again Reindeers Glittertinden

Later we reached well known areas around Memurubu (the most expensive cabin). We saw one more time the Sjugurdtinden which we climb on the third day.

On day number eleven we sent our backpacks (only 10 kg now) by boat to Gjendesheim (boat goes between Gjendesheim, Memurubu and Gjendebu) for having not a to heavy hike over the ridge Besseggen. Besseggen is a very famous picture for postcards. It is very narrow and situated between the lakes Gjende (984 m high) and Bessvatnet (1373 m high). On the way to Gjendesheim the hiking trail goes very steep uphill behind the narrowest part of Besseggen. Climbing inclusive. With a lot of sunshine. This was Jotunheimen in Norway.

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near Glitterheim "small" summit Sjugurdtinden the famous ridge Besseggen Climbing the ridge Lake Gjende and ridge Besseggen View down to the sandbank Hamnsanden
Silence more tops Besseggen Grenen Gjende ridge Hamnsanden

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